Specializing in Creating Comprehensive Wills

Wills are considered by most, including myself, to be the cornerstone of any estate plan. A will allows you to nominate someone to collect your assets upon your death, nominate a guardian for your minor children and declare who you would like to have your property.

Even if you have beneficiary designations on all of your personal and real property, a will exists as a safety net to protect your wishes. I often use a baseball analogy to describe the function of a will to my clients. Pretend that your beneficiary designations, payable on death designations and trusts are catchers. They are going to catch the vast majority of all pitches. But what happens if they miss? The will is the backstop in the analogy. Anything that gets past the catcher is going to be stopped by the backstop.

Wills are extremely important and their creation and execution is technical. You need an experienced attorney helping you through the entire process. Please don’t hesitate to contact me to see what I can do for you.

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