Why You Should Consider a Transfer on Death Designation on Your Car Title

In Missouri, you are allowed to place a transfer on death designation (TOD) on your vehicle title. While a TOD designation has no affect during your lifetime, it allows your vehicle to be immediately transferred on your death to the person that you designate. In order to obtain a TOD designation, all you need to do is indicate so on a title application at the DMV.

Why is a TOD designation important? When you pass away, your vehicle, unless titled in a trust, has to go through probate. This is sometimes a costly process and almost always takes at least one month from the date of death to initiate. That means that your loved ones will have to wait for the court to issue an order allowing your vehicle to be transferred or sold, which could take months. Allowing your vehicle to pass immediately to your loved ones eases their burden at the end of your life and offers you peace of mind by knowing that you’ve taken measures to protect your loved ones after your passing.

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