Why Won’t an Attorney Return My Calls?

I don’t know.

I tell all of my clients that I take pride in making sure that I return their calls and e-mails. I almost always reply within 2 business days of receiving a call or e-mail, and, for the most part, I return nearly all calls and e-mails the same day.

Why am I writing about this? Your legal needs are important to me and, in many cases, time-sensitive. I want to you know that you can count on me to answer your questions and to be available when you need assistance.

Isn’t this what everyone does? Unfortunately, no. I’ve heard horror stories from clients recently about not hearing from their attorney(s) for months at a time after calling or e-mailing. I find this unacceptable, particularly for estate planning matters. The whole point of preparing for an uncertain future is that it’s uncertain. Your estate planning needs are important and shouldn’t be put to the side until it becomes convenient to assist you.

If you are repeatedly trying to contact an attorney that won’t respond, it might be time to try to find one that will.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  If you have questions about the content above and how it may relate to a legal matter you’re facing, please visit the contact page or submit a questions below.

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