Letter From a Creditor?

What should you do if you receive one.

When someone passes away, gaining closure and making peace is an important step in the healing process. Unfortunately, its common for people to have to deal with the possibility of their loved one’s potential creditors trying to collect outstanding debts.

I receive numerous calls from people saying that they have received a letter addressed to their loved one’s estate from a creditor. These letters can be confusing and leave the individual unsure of what to do next.

I advise every person in this situation to immediately speak to a probate attorney.


Because there are numerous rules that creditors need to follow concerning the proof and collection of an outstanding debt. In Missouri, for example, there are certain rules which prevent the claims of unsecured creditors after one year from the date of death. There are also required procedures that creditors need to follow in order to prove any potential claims against an estate. An experienced probate attorney can help ensure the protections afforded to the estate of your loved one.

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