What is an Affidavit to Establish Title?

An affidavit to establish title what the state of Missouri uses in place of estate administration. It’s used for estates with less than $40,000.00 of value and is a much quicker alternative to full administration.

While filling out an affidavit may seem like a simple process, the overall procedure is much more complex.

My clients often ask me if they really need to hire an attorney for an affidavit to establish title. My answer is always ‘yes.’

Knowing what the personal representative should and should not do after receiving an order from the court allowing him to collect the assets of the estate is where things get difficult. There are several rules and procedures that creditors, for example, must follow in order to file a claim against the estate. If a claim is filed against the estate, you’ll need an experienced attorney to work with the personal representative throughout this legal process.

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