How Can I Provide Protection for My Pets After I Pass?

Understand the importance of establishing a trust for your pet.

Just as we want to be able to take care of our human family after our passing, our pets need the opportunity to be protected as well. Missouri recognized this and created a special provision for pets. Section 456.4-408 of the Missouri Uniform Trust Code allows people to establish a trust for their pets.

Why should I set up a trust for my pets? A pet trust is the only way to guarantee that your pet will be properly taken care of after you pass away. While the pet is the beneficiary, the appointed trustee can take care of the pet for its life. You can also provide specific directions for the trustee so that your pet will be taken care of appropriately. The trust can be established for one or more pets, with the remaining assets to be distributed as you wish after your pet passes away. Should the trustee not appropriately care for your pets as you direct, you may appoint a different trustee or have the court appoint one.

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