Drafting Your Own Estate Planning Documents?

Why I draft all of my clients’ estate planning documents

I draft each and every document for all of my clients because, well, that’s what I’m being paid for. I don’t expect someone to walk into my office and pay me so that an assistant or someone else can draft estate planning documents for my clients.

In addition to desiring control over the entire estate planning process from the first call to my office to the time when all of the documents are executed, I draft all of the documents for my clients because I know that it’s important to get everything done the right way. When you hire an estate planning attorney, you’re not hiring someone to print your documents on the nicest paper or put them in the thickest binders. You want someone that has invested years of time and effort into the words on the pages. I feel much more comfortable drafting estate planning documents to fit my clients’ needs because I have put in that time and effort.

Wouldn’t you want the attorney you pay to draft your estate planning documents to be the person that actually drafts, edits and reviews them? While I understand that assistants and paralegals are extremely important and valuable, I wouldn’t want my clients to think that their estate planning documents are not worth my time. When I take my car into the mechanic, I’m not necessarily offended if one of his employees works on it, but I get peace of mind when I know that he is fixing the problem.

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