Assisting Cleints with Contesting Wills in the Kansas City, MO Area

When someone passes away their will has to be submitted to probate court. This has to be done within one year from that person’s date of death. In order for that will to be valid it must contain specific details and be executed properly. Additionally, the person must have had the proper mental capacity to execute it.

Furthermore, some people feel that being nominated as a personal representative in a will or possessing the original copy makes them superior to other heirs. There are, however, rules in Missouri that protect all heirs. They require the will to be submitted to the probate court and for heirs to be able to view it.

You may feel that someone might not have had capacity to execute a will, that certain provisions don’t coincide with the decedent’s intent, or that someone is intentionally hiding the will from you. If that’s the case, an experienced probate attorney can help get answers for you.

Please feel free to contact me for a free consultation.

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